About Me: 

During a nearly 20-year career in State and Federal Law Enforcement I had the unique opportunity to work alongside dedicated professionals who appreciated and expected excellence from themselves and others in all aspects of their duties. I bring that same standard of excellence to my business venture – Stix & Pipes Cigar Lounge.

I can recall smoking my very first cigar; It was in  Kandahar, Afghanistan, I was working with members of the United States Army and other Military personnel. My very first stick – my preferred term for a cigar – was a flavorful, Java Mint by Rocky Patel. Smoking a cigar allowed us to relax at the end of a hard day of work, and helped us build chemistry and camaraderie as a unit. Once our missions and assignments were done for the day, we would sit around smoking cigars while talking about life, loved ones, being thankful for our freedom and our many blessings, and what could be done better the next day. It was an experience similar to what you might imagine taking place anywhere in America, something that has been taking place on our continent for hundreds of generations.

That first Java Mint cigar, with its coffee-infused taste and hint of mocha and mint, really piqued my interest. It also happened to have been made from premium Nicaraguan tobacco, which was a real plus. Back then I didn’t have a depth of knowledge and true appreciation for a high-quality cigar, and that was perfectly okay. We all have to start somewhere within the context of any new experience. Since that time, I’ve educated myself on the construction, the various blends and many brands, and the entirety of the cigar industry. I now look to serve others as a dedicated cigar aficionado, someone able to appreciate each cigar smoked and truly taste the different notes throughout the smoking session.

As a cigar aficionado, I enjoy medium to full body premium cigars produced in different regions of the world.

As an entrepreneur, my hope is to provide others with the same calming experience I have enjoyed over the years – great conversation and camaraderie with the soothing nature of a premium cigar.